business coaching particuliers

You are an Individual (at the beginning of your career, an experienced or established professional) and you want to

  • Achieve a personal or professional goal
  • Optimize your potential
  • Learn how to manage your stress levels
  • Improve the quality of your work relationships (colleagues/hierarchy)
  • Gain new communication tools
  • Prepare for a performance review meeting
  • Gain leadership techniques
  • Learn to better manage your teams
  • To be guided through a position change and/or change in responsibilities

You are undergoing a situation of doubts and wish to have guidance to find answers to your questions
You are facing a professional challenge and you want to put all the chances on your side to succeed in this challenge


Move On supports you through these steps and helps you to discover your capacities, your keys to success and to make yourself your best ally to move forward. 


Proposed Tools

  • Assessment centre, role-plays, simulation and debriefing
  • Emotional debriefing, development in perspective, solutions research, action plan
  • Lominger Leadership Architect (Leadership Competencies Guide)
  • Training
  • ….