Her Background

Pauline Goubareva is a certified NLP Coach and a NLP Practitioner certified by the INLPTA. In addition, she is a graduate in Psychology from the University of Geneva.

She founded Move On in 2012 in order to provide clients with solutions that help them to move forward in their lives. How?  Through Coaching and Training.

Pauline has acquired a solid and rich experience in the management of Human Resources in the Banking and finance sector – world-known for its high demands, its discretion and its sense of accuracy.

She held different roles, in international companies and her expertise was especially appreciated in the activities related to the development of staff, recruitment, training and change management.

Throughout her career, she was confronted to several issues related to personal and professional balance, and thus realized the strategic importance of choices that can be made and the means to succeed.


Her philosophy

Pauline has the deep conviction that each person possesses in her the keys to his/her success. The discovery of these keys and the definition of the direction to take are part of the goals of coaching.

Her mission is to enable everyone to become aware of his/her capacities, his/her potential and to bring him/her towards a life balance which corresponds to him/her and that persists over time.

Recognized for her professionalism and her authenticity, Pauline guides you to achieve your personal and professional goals in a positive and interactive approach, allying listening, respect, benevolence and energy to move forward.

Pauline Strazza Goubareva

A selection of proposed services:

  • - Corporate Business Coaching & Training 
  • - Career Coaching
  • - Life Coaching
  • - Organization of team buildings