What is Coaching about? 

Coaching is a partnership, which helps a person or a group to achieve a personal or professional goal, through a thought-provoking and creative process, while respecting their individuality and establishing a long-term change. 

In a relationship based on trust, transparency and non-judgment, the Coach will explore the current status of her Client, and then guide him/her in the definition of their objectives and the steps that will lead to their achievement.

Coaching is designed to guide the coachee to operate towards an autonomous and efficient manner. The process is made on an analysis of the present with an orientation towards the future. It is limited in time and aims to create a non-dependant relation. 

Who is the coaching audience?

 Any individual or company wishing to improve one or more areas of their life and the way they operate in personal, professional and relational environments. 

Coaching allows you to identify yourself, learn how to best know yourself, learn how to make choices, gain new skills, but also to improve the quality of your relationships, learn how to manage your emotions, as well as to build a professional project. 

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