solutions complémentaires

When traditional solutions such as Coaching or Training cannot meet your needs, Move On offers you a tailored approach built on your specific needs whilst respecting your environment. 

The desired outcome is to provide efficient solutions, meeting the overall objective, while respecting the challenges and the expectations of each and every party. 

Our proposals include the conception and facilitation of

  • Workshops and Team-buildings for teams on specific themes defined by the Managers:
    • Establishment of a new team
    • Change of Management
    • Change of Roles and activities within a team
    • Management of conflict within a team
    • Building a successful team – vision definition – mission – values – assessment of working style of each member of the team, etc.


As well as

  • Tailored support of Leaders - Needs analysis and resources assessment, Strategic Coaching (promoting the emergence of new opportunities, taking a step-back, taking a higher view, creativity in the search for solutions and “strategic agility”), action plan
  • Shadowing – Needs analysis of a person according to an assessment done after a neutral observation of the person in his/her environment and after identification of the points to take into account. A development plan is proposed accordingly.

Tools proposed:

  • Lominger Leadership Architect (Leadership Competencies Guide)
  • Lominger Voices 360


team building

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