Move On Coaching & Training Solutions’ mission is to provide guidance to Individuals and Companies in the discovery of one-self, the development of your potential and an efficient and sustainable achievement of your objectives. 

Some examples of proposed guidance:

  • Definition and clarification of objectives and implementation of an action plan to achieve them
  • Optimize skills and potential
  • Guidance through change and search for new life balance
  • Self-confidence/assertiveness
  • Guidance in a new function or new responsibilities
  • Guidance in the career choice or transition
  • Interview preparation
  • Time and stress management
  • Clarification of your core values and your life project
  • Professional change (dismissal, dissatisfaction, expatriation, restructuring, etc..)
  • Recovery after a burn-out
  • Change in family status (marriage, separation, pregnancy, grief, etc.)
  • A new start (professional or personal)

Whether you are a student, an experienced professional, an established leader or simply a person seeking to improve your everyday life and you want to move forward, towards a greater well-being, Move On helps you to make this journey under the best auspices!